Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Another Tuesday evening..

Here I am, alone inside my room since my roomie currently having a camp in Lundu until Thursday..
Anyhow, since this week most of our credit's hours have finished, it's kinda "seat-back-and relax-for-a-while" week until that BIG exam coming..
Uh oh..........
So, I'm kinda hook up with a book that I've been reading for I-don't-know-how-many months..
Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri.

This book contains 5 short stories and Part Two is about Hema & Kaushik.
I managed to read the book until Part Two ^^,
And for me, Jhumpa Lahiri is a very brilliant writer who writes everything with full details, just like we're in the story too.. 
My most favorite story among those 5 would be Hell-Heaven.

"In Hell-Heaven, the narrator contemplates the relationship between her mother and a friend of her parents'. Pranab Chakraborty was a fellow Bengali who met the narrator's parents when he was a graduate student at MIT. The narrator's mother, Aparna, developed a soft corner for Pranab and would wait for those moments when he would visit them. (Her own husband had given himself completely over to work.) Over time, she began to feel a deep affection for him, but being a married woman, she drew the line there. Still, when Pranab falls in love with an American woman, Aparna reacts poorly, waiting for Pranab's girlfriend to leave him. Pranab and his girlfriend however get married, leaving Aparna to nurse some deep resentment for the couple."

I took this synopsis from here, afraid that I might cannot tell the real story here and I'll ended up ruining some masterpiece :P 
This story reminds me of how easy it is for us to fall in love. Every time a person is being nice to us, all we wanted is to marry that person immediately. But as times pass us by, that person might be not the same person after a few years and we ended up regretting every feeling that we had. 
Don't blame love, as people said that love is blind. I guess love is not blind but we are. Sometimes we should let brain decides what's the best for us and not our heart as sometimes heart only tells us what we want and not what we need. 
*A reminder for myself actually :) 

As I read through, I recalled back those days when I'm so madly and helplessly wanted a prince charming right in front of me. Even it was so clear that the guy won't stay long enough even to see me finishing my SPM. There's a lot of people come and go and who stayed or come back for me are the best for me :) 
Real friends and family will stay by our side no matter how hard is it being around us. So, appreciate what you have today as we might not be able to get it again tomorrow. 
As for now, let's just say that I'm (almost) back to reading as a way to relax and to spend my time ;)

For the past few days also, I listened over and over again one particular song. 
Here it is :)

p/s: I Love You :) 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

I'm done

When I wanted things so bad, I don't get the chance to have it.
Even if I've tried so hard so that things would work out. 
I'm done.. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Heyy.. :)
It's 23rd Sept which means my birthday is yesterday..
And this year, no family members since everyone was busy and faraway.. *sobsobsob*
But there he goes, my rockstar, bought a cake, *with the help of my mulut cabul*, he managed to get my favorite cake, cheese cake ^^,
We celebrate my birthday as simple as possible..
No party, no surprise..
We spend my day with jokes and laughter and he's totally made my day.. :)
Getting phone calls from my sister from JB & Mukah made me almost cry.. :,(
Then my dad and lil bro called me at night..
Yup, that's enough for now ;)
Mom, as usual, will get all emo so skip her part :P
Will have a date with her soon ^^,

I want to thank all of those lovely people who wished me a happy birthday (I AM HAPPY! )
here's a sneak peak of my fb wall from this morning :)




and oh, I'm working on some ideas for my bedroom (shared with my big sister)..
I wanted to make a bedroom that can tell people or my humble visitors (:P) that my room is for girls :D
will update soon as possible ;)
and my kurung for annual dinner is still pending.. "=.=

p/s: I need to lose some weight! and beautify myself more "=.=

Thursday, September 6, 2012

All in One.

Just to make things clear, I've typed this post..
In friendship, I don't ask for a friend that will agree to everything I've said, everything I've done..
I don't ask for a friend that will never a thing whenever I did something or say something..
We have to learn the ugly truth, sooner or later.. Even from a rough way..
That is what I'm looking for in a friendship..
Dear friend, yes, you can tell me things but please keep in mind, everyone has their own boundaries. Even they don't say it out loud, we have to remember that PEOPLE ALSO HAVE FEELINGS.
It applies to every situations.
And one more thing;

Next chapter :)

So, I'm browsing through some posts in our maktab's group and I saw this.

Serious, I was overwhelmed by all her points..
Maybe I have no right to say anything since I am just a student and not yet a teacher but hey miss..
There actually still some people that does not know what a teacher REALLY DO at school..
One thing I would like to say to her,
Please put yourself in a teacher's shoes before you say anything..
Maybe it do looks like teachers have many holidays and salary are increased years by years but I hope you do realized that a teacher's responsibilities are not that petty..
I just hope someday that society don't look at teachers that way..
Whatever it is, they still give us knowledge right?

Next chapter :)


p/s: imisshim :(

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Just closing the Microsoft tab.
Gosh! Only a few sentences and le me already feels sleepy.. "=.=
Again, here I am to blabber about how lazy I am and how hard to finish the tasks assigned.. (kalau dah malas tu, malas la jugak)
Anyway, since this weekend is the Hari Kebangsaan, we got one day holiday so I gotta pace up and finish all those petty tasks (YOU THINK?!)
Just want to update on how the first week of Raya began here.
As usual, lots of kuih raya and KST and I got cake from SHA's mom :)
Thank you a bunch auntie! Soon, I'll visit the family again ;)


Gosh! I'm so lost!
See Yew Soon :p

p/s: recently found out that He is We is a veryberry cool band and been repeating for the whole evening :)
p/s/s: my wedding bell is a long way to go ;) congrats to those that found their soul mates and also, to those who will soon to be called someone's fiancee @ wife ;) ;)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hey you..

Hey you,
the one that I used to call my buddy..

Although we're still hanging out together and spent some time together, I still feel the distance between us..
You're not the old you..
The one that I can call or text whenever I need..
The one that I can cry to when I had my fights..
The one that can listen to my stories although all of them are kinda boring..
The one that I can share my vanilla ice cream with..
The one that can hang out with for hours and never get tired..
and the one that I can have plenty of memories with..


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kayyyy Yellllllll baby~

It's been 2 days after the fantastic trip to KL and yes, I've been very "sakai" when we first reached LCCT then made our way to ELTC.. Ngehngehngeh~
All those tall buildings, great infrastructure which kinda rare here in Sarawak made me felt overwhelmed..
On our first day, we had a great lunch sponsored by ELTC, thanks to Mr. Burn for kindly gave us the most fantastic accommodation, free transportation and free lunch~ (and one time, free breakfast :P)
After the lunch, we went to Midvalley to burn some money..
Muahahahahahahaahahhaa(evil laugh~) :P
Errrr.. Kinda really burned some amount of money there.. "=.=
At night, we went to KLPAC to watch a theater entitled Indian Lawyers.. I have to admit, Santhira Morgan was a genius. *standing ovation*
He effectively conveyed the message about Indian to the audience in a subtle way and very funny indeed :)
Now I know I actually can speak Indian ;) *wink!*
The second day was really, really great!
We went to IP Teknik to meet some of the TESLian over there.. And oh maiiiii, they were fabulous! Actually, I'm kind of ran out of words to describe that day since we had SO MUCH FUN!
We had a theater workshop again, by Mr. Santhira Morgan :)
We asked to do some acting and voice projection and taught how acting can help in teaching the children.. :)
For the final part, we were divided to a few groups where TESLian from IP Teknik and our campus are combined. I get to know some of them, and I've made some new friends! Yay me!
I got to meet Wawa, Ulfa, Sangeeta and many more great students over there and they were really cool ^^,
But sadly, one of the student over there lost his mother on the day we went to their IP and he has to come back home..
Condolence to Mohd Nur Aizat :(

After we (forced) to say goodbye to them, we rushed to change our clothes into Baju Batik for our lunch sponsored by a YB which also our Director's friend and guess what? The lunch was at Putrajaya~
You guys can imagine how sakai and jakun I was when we ushered to the restaurant..
The place was nice and the food were great!
Million, gizillion, trillion thanks for the lunch Mr. YB!
Sadly, he himself could not be there at that day due to business.
During this lunch also, history was made by me.. :P
Right after we took off from ELTC that morning, I just realized that I forgot my flat, which I'm going to use for the lunch.. "=.=
So, the only option I got was my Converse..
And finally, I was the girl in baju kurung and kasut Converse *gambar boleh didapati di fesbuk*

After the lunch, we went back to ELTC to have some rest and get ready to go to Sunway Pyramid at that evening. Here, I really, I mean, REALLY burned my money.. I don't know what was I thinking until finally, I realized, I bought a Blackberry! "=.=
*I'm still struggling with it at this moment*
And after Sunway Pyramid, we went to the famous Uptown and we went back a little late.. Tehee~

The next day, it's Suria KLCC time! Since everything were expensive there, BSS and I went to Aquaria with the others after made a visit to Kinokuniya.. Gosh I love that place! :)))))

Okay, long story short, we've spend about 5 hours there and at night, after berbuka, we went to Sogo where I managed to get a blouse for KSP.. She forced me to actually "=.=

It was a really, really long entry actually but I have to stop since it will took a while for me to finish it :P
Thanks a lot to Mr Nizam, Mr Zaudi for being a really nice driver for us and took a good care for us throughout the journey :)))
And of course, to Mr. Burn, it will take more that words if I wanted to say how thankful I am under your care not only for me but for all of us during this trip :)))))

Well, I guess, That's it :)
Thanks for reading~

p/s: don't judge a book by its cover ;)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Anniversary :)

What day is yesterday?
What date is yesterday?


Yes. It's official. One year, here in IPG Kampus Rajang..
Times flew huh? Looking back on the exact date one year back, there's so much for me to appreciate..
New friends.. New experiences.. New learning environment.. New lecturers.. New clothes.. (lol~)
Anyway, it's actually pretty great being here after a year.. Although there are a lot ( I repeat, A LOT) of ups and downs, but still, I managed to stay :)
At the end of this semester, we'll be having our first exam.. The exam which will decide whether we should stay or not..
I really hope that I will stay *crossing fingers*

When I first came in here, I'm afraid that I will not find someone or a group of people that will stick together with me through thick and thin.. But eventually, I do found them. And we're doing great through the process of growing up here.. I've met many kinds of people here, the ones that thought me how to love and hate, the ones that taught me how to have a crush on someone again.. (Tehee~ sorry En. BF :P) the ones who built me up and tear me down, and many other that I might do not want to remember but it all went down to one thing : It all teaches me how to survive and appreciate life.. :)

I don't want to be all sad and stuff, plus, it's only my first year here.. It's not that I'll graduate in 4 more months.. Lol~ sorry I got carried away.. :P

Anyway, here's some of my pictures (and our pictures) this 3 semester here ;)

One more :)

Haha~ 3rd sem.. 

We won the kawad derrr.. Hehe~

2nd sem was the best ~ 

First sem outing ;)

I'm done :)

p/s: Having my 2nd anniversary, first time reunion with my old friend which happened to my roomate now :) I got a lot of affair huh? :P Lol~

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fun Time is Over~

Just left a few more days before we ended up this veryberry fun holiday..
Sob2 :(
Should I be sad because of next week is the official starting of semester 3 ( exam semester to be exact..) or the task given by Mdm. LL are not yet to be done..? "=.=
Well, I guess both... This is why I hate holidays.. Whenever I'm starting to enjoying myself, it's time to go back and get busy with all those assignments & tasks..
Haiyaaaa.. always complaining..., "=.=
No need to study lahhhh~ Haha..
Maybe I do miss Rajang.. I miss my soft bed.. Huhue.. I miss my roomate :P
& I miss that futsal court that we use to play almost every evening.. We played a lot of games using only one, yes, ONE court my friend.. :P
*please impressed by our creativity :P hehehehe..
At this point, there is one thing that should be concerned about is the exam.. Our very first exam.. & the exam that will determine our place in the real program, leaving foundation program behind and be the real teacher trainee :)
I have to admit that I'm not really fond with learning grammar but since we have that particular subject involving grammar, I guess I have to pick up my pace and start to study and read and maybe doing some exercises.. I mean, I must~

It's kinda awkward to see me talked about this whole exam thinggy huh? :)

Well, I guess I have to get done to pick up the Father's Day cake that I ordered yesterday :)
 Chow :)

Friday, May 25, 2012


Bangun pagi (selepas tdo pukul 3 pagi..) dikejutkan dengan berita school visit kensel.. I mean, watehek??
Tukar seluar, tidor sampai ke petang.. "=.=

Ekceli, malas nak komen bejela dengan topik di atas, kelak menjadi isu..

Anyway, it's holiday! OMG~ Setelah berhempas pulas (errr... melampau penggunaan perkataan) menyiapkan kerja terakhir sebelum chow dari katil pink di sini, akhirnya cuti la di bumi Rajang~
Woots2! Eh, hampir lupa tugasan terakhir before tinggalkan maktab..
Koir esok sempena hari guru.. O.o
First task after elected as AJK Biro Akademik JPP.. "=.=
Then I'll be off.. :)

*Sorry if I seen so desperately want to post something here, but the real story is, I forgot what to type.. "=.=
guess I better stop here.. :P

p/s: selalu marah kalau Encik BF tak flush toilet lepas shi2 tapi lagi tak tahan bila orang dah tua bangka tak reti nak simbah tahi sendiri~
sungguh kanasai..

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's Over!

Finally, the English Language Camp is done!
The whole 3 days were really, really fun..
Got a lot of singing and dancing and most of the time, we're enjoying ourselves.. :)
Nice thing to do to end the semester eyh? Hehe..
Anyway, gonna need some rest now.. Have to prepare for the school visit tomorrow..
Ohh God...

*First experience with students... Wish me luck!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Heyyy peeps!

Heyyy guys! First of all, to those who are really kind to drop by and followed my blog since I didn't update for *idon'tknowforhowlong*. Pftttt..
FYI guys, I'm having some problems which all those posts I've typed will vanished, just like that whenever I click the POST button.. :( Sad huh?
Anyway, I think it has been fixed now since I can post.. ^^, Yay!
Aww, how I missed to blabber here...

Anyway, it's 16th May 2012 and heyy.. it's my first Teacher's Day! Yay me! LOL~
Here I am, considering myself a teacher.. It suddenly came across me when I refused to listen to my teachers back then and man, I wish I can step back to know who they really are.. As I'm learning and seeing things, I realized that if we don't know that person, we will only see the bad side of him/her.. As our mind set that we will never ever like that particular person..
Some people can say that they are 20 and proudly married or any other stuff that they are proud of *not to judge some people*, but here I am, 19 and proud to say that I am a future teacher :)
*changing mood*

*I don't want to be that sad @ depressed when talking about teachers actually.. :) Just wanted to say millions willions, trillions thank you to all my teachers who have been taught me all those theories in subjects and most of all, a really big thank you to one particular teacher, which is my mom, Mdm. Dulcie.. <3 Hey mom, you lighted up so many others' future and for all 4 of your children.. You taught me theories in subjects in school but most important of all, you taught me theories in life.. Happy Teacher's Day, mom :)

Additional reading (as Mdm LL said)..
I also counting days to our 2nd anniversary which is on 9th June 2012 but sadly, he got exam on that particular date so we decided to have our anniversary earlier.. :)
More and more each day, we love each other stronger and we try to adjust things between us to make our relationship last and so far, we're doing great..
Thank you syg, for always be there for me..
You're the rockstar to my world <3

Well, I'm better off now.. Been busy with so many stuff right now, especially for our Language Camp..
Will update on that later k? *finger crossed*


p/s with so many great things happened around me, I can say that I'm celebrating everyday ^^,

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Relieved or What?..

Finally.. I can post something inside my blog..
Don't know for what reason I can't post anything for a very2 long time and I hate it..
Memang wajar kalau takda follower baru.. "=.=


I got problems with my blog and I don't know what to do..
Help me!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cuti Oh Cuti..

Cuti dah nak habis..
Terpaksa la balik semula ke Rajang tercinta.. Huhue..
Pendek kata, I have one hell of fun in this one week.. :)
Maybe will update on that soon ^^,

Asal cuti jer banyak kerja, asal banyak kerja jer cuti..
Tak habis-habis.. Haisss..
Memang ku dasar pemalas.. (Mengaku jugak akhir nya.. :P)
Mana tak, cuti aku dalam progres buat assignment lebih kurang macam nihh...

"Yuhuuuuu! Meroyan balik rumah.. Happy la balik cuti.. Assignment tak bawak.."

"Errrrrrr.. Masih nak bermalasan.. Alasan, letih.. Bukan jauh pun kalau balik.."

"Ahaaa! Vacation!!!"

"Still Vacation.."

"Vacation lagik.. Malam balik.. :,("

"Rumah kazen memang best.."

"Errrrrrr.. Jom check kerja dengan coursemates.. :)"

"No progress. Alasan, writer's block.. Hampeh..."

"Still loafing around.. Oppppppppppssss! Packing??? OMG! Holiday's over??"

DAY 10
"Hello IPG! Hello assignments! *sleepless night"

See? How great my week was~