Friday, May 25, 2012


Bangun pagi (selepas tdo pukul 3 pagi..) dikejutkan dengan berita school visit kensel.. I mean, watehek??
Tukar seluar, tidor sampai ke petang.. "=.=

Ekceli, malas nak komen bejela dengan topik di atas, kelak menjadi isu..

Anyway, it's holiday! OMG~ Setelah berhempas pulas (errr... melampau penggunaan perkataan) menyiapkan kerja terakhir sebelum chow dari katil pink di sini, akhirnya cuti la di bumi Rajang~
Woots2! Eh, hampir lupa tugasan terakhir before tinggalkan maktab..
Koir esok sempena hari guru.. O.o
First task after elected as AJK Biro Akademik JPP.. "=.=
Then I'll be off.. :)

*Sorry if I seen so desperately want to post something here, but the real story is, I forgot what to type.. "=.=
guess I better stop here.. :P

p/s: selalu marah kalau Encik BF tak flush toilet lepas shi2 tapi lagi tak tahan bila orang dah tua bangka tak reti nak simbah tahi sendiri~
sungguh kanasai..

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's Over!

Finally, the English Language Camp is done!
The whole 3 days were really, really fun..
Got a lot of singing and dancing and most of the time, we're enjoying ourselves.. :)
Nice thing to do to end the semester eyh? Hehe..
Anyway, gonna need some rest now.. Have to prepare for the school visit tomorrow..
Ohh God...

*First experience with students... Wish me luck!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Heyyy peeps!

Heyyy guys! First of all, to those who are really kind to drop by and followed my blog since I didn't update for *idon'tknowforhowlong*. Pftttt..
FYI guys, I'm having some problems which all those posts I've typed will vanished, just like that whenever I click the POST button.. :( Sad huh?
Anyway, I think it has been fixed now since I can post.. ^^, Yay!
Aww, how I missed to blabber here...

Anyway, it's 16th May 2012 and heyy.. it's my first Teacher's Day! Yay me! LOL~
Here I am, considering myself a teacher.. It suddenly came across me when I refused to listen to my teachers back then and man, I wish I can step back to know who they really are.. As I'm learning and seeing things, I realized that if we don't know that person, we will only see the bad side of him/her.. As our mind set that we will never ever like that particular person..
Some people can say that they are 20 and proudly married or any other stuff that they are proud of *not to judge some people*, but here I am, 19 and proud to say that I am a future teacher :)
*changing mood*

*I don't want to be that sad @ depressed when talking about teachers actually.. :) Just wanted to say millions willions, trillions thank you to all my teachers who have been taught me all those theories in subjects and most of all, a really big thank you to one particular teacher, which is my mom, Mdm. Dulcie.. <3 Hey mom, you lighted up so many others' future and for all 4 of your children.. You taught me theories in subjects in school but most important of all, you taught me theories in life.. Happy Teacher's Day, mom :)

Additional reading (as Mdm LL said)..
I also counting days to our 2nd anniversary which is on 9th June 2012 but sadly, he got exam on that particular date so we decided to have our anniversary earlier.. :)
More and more each day, we love each other stronger and we try to adjust things between us to make our relationship last and so far, we're doing great..
Thank you syg, for always be there for me..
You're the rockstar to my world <3

Well, I'm better off now.. Been busy with so many stuff right now, especially for our Language Camp..
Will update on that later k? *finger crossed*


p/s with so many great things happened around me, I can say that I'm celebrating everyday ^^,

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Relieved or What?..

Finally.. I can post something inside my blog..
Don't know for what reason I can't post anything for a very2 long time and I hate it..
Memang wajar kalau takda follower baru.. "=.=


I got problems with my blog and I don't know what to do..
Help me!