Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fun Time is Over~

Just left a few more days before we ended up this veryberry fun holiday..
Sob2 :(
Should I be sad because of next week is the official starting of semester 3 ( exam semester to be exact..) or the task given by Mdm. LL are not yet to be done..? "=.=
Well, I guess both... This is why I hate holidays.. Whenever I'm starting to enjoying myself, it's time to go back and get busy with all those assignments & tasks..
Haiyaaaa.. always complaining..., "=.=
No need to study lahhhh~ Haha..
Maybe I do miss Rajang.. I miss my soft bed.. Huhue.. I miss my roomate :P
& I miss that futsal court that we use to play almost every evening.. We played a lot of games using only one, yes, ONE court my friend.. :P
*please impressed by our creativity :P hehehehe..
At this point, there is one thing that should be concerned about is the exam.. Our very first exam.. & the exam that will determine our place in the real program, leaving foundation program behind and be the real teacher trainee :)
I have to admit that I'm not really fond with learning grammar but since we have that particular subject involving grammar, I guess I have to pick up my pace and start to study and read and maybe doing some exercises.. I mean, I must~

It's kinda awkward to see me talked about this whole exam thinggy huh? :)

Well, I guess I have to get done to pick up the Father's Day cake that I ordered yesterday :)
 Chow :)