Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Anniversary :)

What day is yesterday?
What date is yesterday?


Yes. It's official. One year, here in IPG Kampus Rajang..
Times flew huh? Looking back on the exact date one year back, there's so much for me to appreciate..
New friends.. New experiences.. New learning environment.. New lecturers.. New clothes.. (lol~)
Anyway, it's actually pretty great being here after a year.. Although there are a lot ( I repeat, A LOT) of ups and downs, but still, I managed to stay :)
At the end of this semester, we'll be having our first exam.. The exam which will decide whether we should stay or not..
I really hope that I will stay *crossing fingers*

When I first came in here, I'm afraid that I will not find someone or a group of people that will stick together with me through thick and thin.. But eventually, I do found them. And we're doing great through the process of growing up here.. I've met many kinds of people here, the ones that thought me how to love and hate, the ones that taught me how to have a crush on someone again.. (Tehee~ sorry En. BF :P) the ones who built me up and tear me down, and many other that I might do not want to remember but it all went down to one thing : It all teaches me how to survive and appreciate life.. :)

I don't want to be all sad and stuff, plus, it's only my first year here.. It's not that I'll graduate in 4 more months.. Lol~ sorry I got carried away.. :P

Anyway, here's some of my pictures (and our pictures) this 3 semester here ;)

One more :)

Haha~ 3rd sem.. 

We won the kawad derrr.. Hehe~

2nd sem was the best ~ 

First sem outing ;)

I'm done :)

p/s: Having my 2nd anniversary, first time reunion with my old friend which happened to my roomate now :) I got a lot of affair huh? :P Lol~