Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kayyyy Yellllllll baby~

It's been 2 days after the fantastic trip to KL and yes, I've been very "sakai" when we first reached LCCT then made our way to ELTC.. Ngehngehngeh~
All those tall buildings, great infrastructure which kinda rare here in Sarawak made me felt overwhelmed..
On our first day, we had a great lunch sponsored by ELTC, thanks to Mr. Burn for kindly gave us the most fantastic accommodation, free transportation and free lunch~ (and one time, free breakfast :P)
After the lunch, we went to Midvalley to burn some money..
Muahahahahahahaahahhaa(evil laugh~) :P
Errrr.. Kinda really burned some amount of money there.. "=.=
At night, we went to KLPAC to watch a theater entitled Indian Lawyers.. I have to admit, Santhira Morgan was a genius. *standing ovation*
He effectively conveyed the message about Indian to the audience in a subtle way and very funny indeed :)
Now I know I actually can speak Indian ;) *wink!*
The second day was really, really great!
We went to IP Teknik to meet some of the TESLian over there.. And oh maiiiii, they were fabulous! Actually, I'm kind of ran out of words to describe that day since we had SO MUCH FUN!
We had a theater workshop again, by Mr. Santhira Morgan :)
We asked to do some acting and voice projection and taught how acting can help in teaching the children.. :)
For the final part, we were divided to a few groups where TESLian from IP Teknik and our campus are combined. I get to know some of them, and I've made some new friends! Yay me!
I got to meet Wawa, Ulfa, Sangeeta and many more great students over there and they were really cool ^^,
But sadly, one of the student over there lost his mother on the day we went to their IP and he has to come back home..
Condolence to Mohd Nur Aizat :(

After we (forced) to say goodbye to them, we rushed to change our clothes into Baju Batik for our lunch sponsored by a YB which also our Director's friend and guess what? The lunch was at Putrajaya~
You guys can imagine how sakai and jakun I was when we ushered to the restaurant..
The place was nice and the food were great!
Million, gizillion, trillion thanks for the lunch Mr. YB!
Sadly, he himself could not be there at that day due to business.
During this lunch also, history was made by me.. :P
Right after we took off from ELTC that morning, I just realized that I forgot my flat, which I'm going to use for the lunch.. "=.=
So, the only option I got was my Converse..
And finally, I was the girl in baju kurung and kasut Converse *gambar boleh didapati di fesbuk*

After the lunch, we went back to ELTC to have some rest and get ready to go to Sunway Pyramid at that evening. Here, I really, I mean, REALLY burned my money.. I don't know what was I thinking until finally, I realized, I bought a Blackberry! "=.=
*I'm still struggling with it at this moment*
And after Sunway Pyramid, we went to the famous Uptown and we went back a little late.. Tehee~

The next day, it's Suria KLCC time! Since everything were expensive there, BSS and I went to Aquaria with the others after made a visit to Kinokuniya.. Gosh I love that place! :)))))

Okay, long story short, we've spend about 5 hours there and at night, after berbuka, we went to Sogo where I managed to get a blouse for KSP.. She forced me to actually "=.=

It was a really, really long entry actually but I have to stop since it will took a while for me to finish it :P
Thanks a lot to Mr Nizam, Mr Zaudi for being a really nice driver for us and took a good care for us throughout the journey :)))
And of course, to Mr. Burn, it will take more that words if I wanted to say how thankful I am under your care not only for me but for all of us during this trip :)))))

Well, I guess, That's it :)
Thanks for reading~

p/s: don't judge a book by its cover ;)