Sunday, September 23, 2012

Heyy.. :)
It's 23rd Sept which means my birthday is yesterday..
And this year, no family members since everyone was busy and faraway.. *sobsobsob*
But there he goes, my rockstar, bought a cake, *with the help of my mulut cabul*, he managed to get my favorite cake, cheese cake ^^,
We celebrate my birthday as simple as possible..
No party, no surprise..
We spend my day with jokes and laughter and he's totally made my day.. :)
Getting phone calls from my sister from JB & Mukah made me almost cry.. :,(
Then my dad and lil bro called me at night..
Yup, that's enough for now ;)
Mom, as usual, will get all emo so skip her part :P
Will have a date with her soon ^^,

I want to thank all of those lovely people who wished me a happy birthday (I AM HAPPY! )
here's a sneak peak of my fb wall from this morning :)




and oh, I'm working on some ideas for my bedroom (shared with my big sister)..
I wanted to make a bedroom that can tell people or my humble visitors (:P) that my room is for girls :D
will update soon as possible ;)
and my kurung for annual dinner is still pending.. "=.=

p/s: I need to lose some weight! and beautify myself more "=.=