Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Another Tuesday evening..

Here I am, alone inside my room since my roomie currently having a camp in Lundu until Thursday..
Anyhow, since this week most of our credit's hours have finished, it's kinda "seat-back-and relax-for-a-while" week until that BIG exam coming..
Uh oh..........
So, I'm kinda hook up with a book that I've been reading for I-don't-know-how-many months..
Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri.

This book contains 5 short stories and Part Two is about Hema & Kaushik.
I managed to read the book until Part Two ^^,
And for me, Jhumpa Lahiri is a very brilliant writer who writes everything with full details, just like we're in the story too.. 
My most favorite story among those 5 would be Hell-Heaven.

"In Hell-Heaven, the narrator contemplates the relationship between her mother and a friend of her parents'. Pranab Chakraborty was a fellow Bengali who met the narrator's parents when he was a graduate student at MIT. The narrator's mother, Aparna, developed a soft corner for Pranab and would wait for those moments when he would visit them. (Her own husband had given himself completely over to work.) Over time, she began to feel a deep affection for him, but being a married woman, she drew the line there. Still, when Pranab falls in love with an American woman, Aparna reacts poorly, waiting for Pranab's girlfriend to leave him. Pranab and his girlfriend however get married, leaving Aparna to nurse some deep resentment for the couple."

I took this synopsis from here, afraid that I might cannot tell the real story here and I'll ended up ruining some masterpiece :P 
This story reminds me of how easy it is for us to fall in love. Every time a person is being nice to us, all we wanted is to marry that person immediately. But as times pass us by, that person might be not the same person after a few years and we ended up regretting every feeling that we had. 
Don't blame love, as people said that love is blind. I guess love is not blind but we are. Sometimes we should let brain decides what's the best for us and not our heart as sometimes heart only tells us what we want and not what we need. 
*A reminder for myself actually :) 

As I read through, I recalled back those days when I'm so madly and helplessly wanted a prince charming right in front of me. Even it was so clear that the guy won't stay long enough even to see me finishing my SPM. There's a lot of people come and go and who stayed or come back for me are the best for me :) 
Real friends and family will stay by our side no matter how hard is it being around us. So, appreciate what you have today as we might not be able to get it again tomorrow. 
As for now, let's just say that I'm (almost) back to reading as a way to relax and to spend my time ;)

For the past few days also, I listened over and over again one particular song. 
Here it is :)

p/s: I Love You :)