Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Get Organized now you..........!

I never shared this before but maybe it is the right time to do so..

For our foundation exam last year, there are 3 of us who failed and I'm one of them..
When I first heard about the news, yeah, I was kinda expecting that but one thing that I didn't know that it can be THAT hurt..
Yes, it hurts like hell..
It wasn't failing but how people responded to that.. Maybe in any other IPGs, it was a common thing to fail but not here.. The minute you failed, you'll be the next Justin Bieber or Adele..
Even course mates.. I do admit that most of them were really helpful and willing to revised all over again with the 3 of us but of course, once a biatch, always a biatch ( You know what I'm saying?) 
From that day, I know who that I can really call friends..
*Insaf sejenak..

Well, it's not all bad during that period.. It got me thinking about myself, how I should behave right now, how I should think right now.. It got to be updated menggg!
After all that, I'm started to get organized, less judging, more praying :)
But sometimes, old habits does come back.. It's only the beginning.. And I hope, I can be better in the future. Amen :)

And hereby, in 2013, I hope:
  • I can manage my time better.
  • Manage my emotion better.
  • Be a better friend, a better sister, a better daughter, a better grand daughter and a better girlfriend.
  • Less judging, more praying.
  • Be more close to God :) 
  • Reduce laziness.. *sigh*
  • And......and......and......
I'm lost "=.=

p/s: conclusion, I'm trying to be a better person. kbai.
p/s/s: azam 2013, try to blog dwibahasa ;p