Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Korea oh KPOP~

Hi :)
First of all, I am NOT a very fanatic fan of KPOP. I used to hate it back then. Especially when some groups of Korean guys came out, dance like crazy, wearing make-ups.. I mean, WHAT?
But a few years back, I started to realized that I DO listen to Korean songs occasionally such as 2NE1's I Don't Care and Jang Geun Suk's Without Words. So therefore I started to listen to any other songs that I love. Don't care what language or which country it was from.
As times passed by, a few months back, I was introduced to Running Man by Shasha, one of the Le Leputans :P
At first I was you know, sitting there, watching like "oh ok, aha, yup" when I realized that was one friggin' funny show!
From that night, I started to look for more episodes and walla! Now I AM one of the kipas-susah-mati of them :D *especially Gary :P

the old cast of Running Man :D after a while Joong Ki have to left RM :(
They do a lot of funny stuff and some of them are never crossed my mind that it actually doable. Also, from Running Man, I listen to KPOP.. Tehee~
But still, not all.. Starting from Jong Kook's Men Are All Like That, I moved to 2PM's Hands Up, Taeyang's Wedding Dress and so on. And the latest 'on-repeat in my BB' song is Words I Want to Say to You by Jong Kook, HaHa and Gary. :D
After hundreds of episodes of Running Man, I've decided that I wanted to visit Korea someday? Why? THE FOOD bebeh! Haha~ 
I'm in love with the food when I saw them appeared in Running Man. That is what we call "dari mata turun ke hati" :P Not to mention places there.. But the problem is it's just kinda expensive mennggg~ *sigh* 
So right now, I'm collecting 'Korea Fund'because I HAVE to go there~ It's too appealing just to see the food and places from my lappy screen. I have a dream of eating those kimchis, bulgogis, tteokbokkis, jajangmyuns and visiting Jejuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Island. *dreaminggggg*

So the lesson learned?
Don't judge a book by its cover or Don't judge a country by those 'guys who wore make-ups and thick eyeliner' :P
I guess I'm still not falling in love with KPOP but one thing for sure, I appreciate good music, great places, no matter where they are, where they come from ;) 

p/s: what's up with that guy whom testing mic just now? bahahahahahahaha~