Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ini adalah tajuk blog..

*this is the typical opening sentence for those who didn't update their blog for a long time so skip that part* 

Indeed. My blog is one of the most less-updated blog in this whole wide world of blogger. Reason? As usual, no ideas, slow internet connection bla bla bla.. yada yada yada.. In a nutshell, I'm lazy. Bahahahaha~ So why the need to create a blog back then? Hrmm.. I don't know. Maybe I'm just trying not to being self-obsessed where in every posts there will be my pic which has nothing to do with the post that I'm writing about or whining about being single blablabla *I'm not single btw :p* 
Blog is something that should be interesting to read you know? Blog is where we can actually know that person, how they see the world from their point of view and that is why I love blogwalking.. 
One of my favorite blogger is Hatim Abd Razak. His writing, well, you can see by yourself.. It's kinda rare to see people can think of such ways to make little things to become such humorous story to tell.. And of course, he had traveled a lot so yup, inspired. :D 
Boleh kelik SINI untuk belog beliau. :)

OK. Itu bukan apa yang saya nak tulis sebentar tadi. Oh my menyimpang! 
What was my initial ideas just now? owwwww.. that's right :)
Well, after CNY hols, I have to sort out a lot of thing, especially BUDGET.
It almost never crossed my mind, well, it DOES cross my mind but halfway, nahhh~ 
I have to sort out money for everything.. Books, food, flight ticket to Aussie ^^, and anything that's coming along the way.. 
Am I one step closer to adulthood? *cross finger*
But anyhow, someway somehow, the old me will conquer all.. muehehehehe~ 
And now, I'm trying to read more books instead of FB status or tweet. Good luck..
I've been thinking and thinking and thinking of things to blog so that's where all those reading came along but nahh.. I tend to forget things and ended up, saying anything that crossed my mind at that time. Like now. *sigh* 
I think I know what I need. A notebook. 
I've read somewhere where a notebook can help us to get creative. We walk around and we see something, note that down. Or draw it. Then we'll never forget about it. It also one of the way to get organized. So, I'm getting one ASAP. If I don't forget about it within this week "=.= 

Oh goshh.. Midnight already. Cinderella mengundur diri :P

p/s: nak gajet baru.. *sobsob*