Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Procrastination is no good mate!

It's 3.50 pm when I entered this page and currently I'm struggling to finish 3 introduction about Malaysia writers. Ok only introduction. Sap sap sui jadi la but NO.. This thang haven't finished since I've worked on them since yesterday.I mean, pffffttt.. 3 simple intro yet you can't finish it? Boooo you Lor! Haha. :P
Anyway, will try and I really mean it, to finish them by tonight so that I can print them out and start on my scrapbook :) *finger crossed*
This task was given quite some times ago actually. But only these past few days I've worked extra hard on them. Y U NO DO THEM BEFORE??
Haha. Let me tell you why..

During the long-awaited one week holiday, I DID bring all my pending tasks. The ugly/best truth at that time was EVERYONE WAS THERE mengggg! And yes, I've spent my entire week hanging out with them. But no regrets here as I am not going to have that krezie week in a very long time after that. ;)

But again, here I am, blogging about my pending tasks without noticing that my Microsoft Words' tab was opened an hour ago with only somesome improvement. Daripada kau blog walking sebok sebok baca kisah cinta orang baik kau buat kerja sekarang.. "=.=

Ok. I'm done. 3 paragraph in 10 minutes? Impressed? NO! Get to work mengg!

p/s: day to day you're getting more sweet, you'll give me toothache :P