Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dear old friend..

Hiyaaaa peeeps!
Well last week was our very first BIG and it turned out great :D
Will update on that soon. Been itching to write about this for quite some times now and tonight, I SHALL NOT FORGET! Haha~

For BIG, I was in the same group with MEM. And after quite some times of not talking or even smile to each other, finally BIG had made a miracle where we can talk to each other like nothing happened. There I was, afraid to talk to him as we had some no-good experience with each other and those events only a few knew :)
At first it was quite awkward but after some time we're fine. We can seat on the same table, drink together, eat together, not driving each other crazy.. well, for a while..
I thought that we're fine you know? He blocked me in FB, and made me cannot vote on the BIG's shirt. Ok I was pissed a bit but I passed. But due to that, I missed quite a lot and since I'm the secretary for this BIG, it's NO good menn! I got reports to write and he's in some biro.
Still, I passed.
After a week of BIG, I thought he was going to unblock me. For old time sake and since currently a lot of us have uploaded those pictures and stuff. But I thought wrong.
He still block me until this moment and I don't bother to ask.
But why? What made you so mad at me?
I just don't get it.
I know, it wasn't THAT important. But for me, that is a symbol that he is 100% profesionnal.
Hoping he'll have a change of heart soon and everything will be okay :) just like the old times :)