Sunday, April 28, 2013

Be patient dear Loriana :)

It's almost five hours of sitting in front of the laptop today. Ant not to mention yesterday of non-stop printing and some notes finding. I barely went out yesterday to play some volleyball but I managed to steal some time and today, NO SPORTS or OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES!
Just great.
I'm struggling to finish my SBE folder by this weekend but then UAK for BMK and PKK are tomorrow! So again, I managed to steal some time to finish my folder and notes.
Seriously, this is a friggin' tiring work. I got headache due to too much of typing, google-ing, and no to mention my 'on-off' relationship with Mr. Printer. But thank God, he behaved quite well yesterday. :D

I need a rest.

I need a vacation.

I need to be at home.

Yup. Home is where paradise is. :)

p/s: will be back next weekend. hang in there Lor! :)