Sunday, April 14, 2013

Motivation :,)

I was doing my assignments when I have the urge to blog about something. So, here I am to blog about something! *clapping for myself :P*
I wanted to share about my first School Based Experience aka SBE. Although many people have been talked about it ages ago, I just start mine now :P
Pardon my laziness my dear fellow followers :)

I had my SBE in SK Kapit, my old school. :) I chose that school because well, my mom teach at that school so it's easier for me to go everyday :P and of course, that school used to be my playground, so old memories kinda came back to me every time I walk around that school * embarrassed* tehee~
Eitha was my partner-in-crime during my SBE so I was lucky to have a new roomate for a week since she stayed at my house during that time :D

This is us on our last day of SBE :/
We have our Child Development's assignment to do actually during this period. Initially I wanted to do my task with my little cousin, Damien but I just don't know how and why I changed my mind and do my project with special needs students instead. On the bright side, that school have a class with special needs students so that was my favorite place for the entire week :)

When I went to the class, there is one little girl who caught my attention. But that afternoon, I wanted to do my project with Nelson actually. So I forgot a while about that girl and planned my session with Nelson instead. 
Hi! My name is Nelson. :) Tilt your head to see ma picha :P

On the day I did my project, I saw that girl again and again, I don't know why I wanted to do my project with her instead. So, I want you guys to meet Olivia, the super kid :D
She is a very sweet kid. She always hold me and wanted to interact with me all the time during the 2 hours of my session in the class. She's do whatever I asked her to do and she does not throw any tantrums to me at all. She also loves to take pictures and she would look at her own picture until my BB dim its light :P She always tried to solve things with her own ways despite of her disadvantages. She could not write or speak properly so I was touched to see her efforts to do things by her own. 
To be inside that class required a LOT of patience. I was very impressed with their class teachers, Mr. Bryan and Mdm. Julia for being with them the entire time. Handling special needs kids is no joke I tell you. We have to be very patient with them and do not push them to do something. Lucky for me because I had some readings before I entered the class so I knew what should I do. Thank God because all of them were behaving at their best at that time. :)

For me, this is not just a project. It also opened my eyes to see this world from a different perspective. Special needs kids need different ways of approaching, different ways of handling and I just realized about it during my 2 hours with them. Even though I only spend 2 hours with them, that precious 2 hours was one of the most valuable lesson I had learned. 

 I have learned :
*to be patient
*to be more affectionate
*to handle different kind of students
*to appreciate life
*to appreciate all kinds of human beings more
*to be more understanding

Thank you very very much guys for teaching me that :,) 
So for those out there who faced this situation, appreciate them, nurture them and don't forget to love them because they are special in their own ways :)

p/s : writing this with teary eyes :,)