Sunday, May 19, 2013

Random #2

*Just a short update before the BIG week start tomorrow.*

It was a completely tiring weeks before the exam and most of the times, most of us can't get a proper sleep. Depending on energy drinks to stay awake, trying to stay on track as much as we can. But sometimes the brain refused to co-operate like right now. It's like "You've been bullying me for the past few days. I'm tired already. Can't we just have our rest already? :("
Sorry my dear brain and body. I can't afford to put us in the recite mode again. So I'm trying very hard to memorize everything and cramp up everything inside of you right now.
I've had my un-progressive day on the Friday where FD and I talked for hours and just holding our books like it's something that didn't matter. Haha~
I hope everything will be okay. I hope all my efforts are enough to get me through the 4 exam papers.
And I hope that this holidays will bring much smile and happiness. People around me, including myself too, have faced a few rough downward moments for the past few months and right now, nothing seems better. :(
I hope God will guide me through, giving me wisdom and strength to carry on and to give me all the love He got.
And last, but not least, distance sucks sometimes.
Read between the lines.

p/s: packed some stuff and can't wait to go home ;)