Sunday, September 1, 2013

Smartphones and Apps :)

Hiyaaa peeps! :) 

To begin this lovely month of September (favorite month of the year), I decided to blog about one of my most favorite apps. Of course other than Twitter :P 
When I first downloaded the apps, it was actually accidentally done. You know that syndrome of downloading things when you got your new phone :P hehe 
So I've downloaded this application :) 

Not all of the apps, focus on the orange colored one :) 
It's the Blogger apps! *clap clap* 
For me it is very convenient to have this apps because it is very easy to update your blog on-the-go, especially when your brain is overflowing with thoughts and ideas. You can blog them right away. And of course, you'll going to need an internet connection or mobile data :P 
The friendly interface made me fall in live with it. 

That's how it looks like. And trust me, it is very easy to use. A few clicks here and there and tadaa! You already blogged a post! ^^, sound cheesy eh? :P 
But this apps is mainly for posting blog posts and so far, I still have to google the blogger site to blogwalking. Anyhow, it's so easy to blog from here rather than clicking small icons from the google one :) 
I'm still looking for some other cool features that it might have and I recommend you, yes you, all the bloggers to have this apps in your smartphones :)