Monday, November 18, 2013

The price of happiness.

People often said that money can't buy happiness.. 

And some would said that everything needs money.. 
As for me, money really can't buy happiness. Of course money is everything nowadays, even to listen to someone's voice. But real happiness only required little or a small amount of money.  
The best things in life are mostly free, you just have to know where and how to get them. 
I got a bunch of friends. Some in IPG, some in my lovely hometown, some somewhere in this world :) in IPG, we can't go out as much as we can, when we can since non of us has our own car and it's quite hard to move all 11 of us together. Haha~ yet, occasionally, we'll book a van, go out and have as much fun as we can before we come back to our busy life. We're happy, with or without cars. We're happy, even without all those fancy gadgets that we carry along. Phone's camera is all that we need. We're happy, even we can't have those fancy dinners or weekend at the Pizza Hut. We're happy, to cook nuggets and spagetthi and eat together. 
You see what I mean? :)

When I go back to my hometown, of course here we don't have those fancy hangout places such as KFC (but it's coming soon :P) Starbucks and etc etc.. But when all of us are here, we'll get together, drink together, eat together, bbq together, and yet, those fun times are just priceless..

I have many online friends. We'll talk on Twitter, Facebook, WeChat, Whatsapp, call each other through Line. Maybe we don't know each other that much, maybe we don't see each other that often but yet, we can talk about tonnes of things and sometimes, have fights on football teams. :P 

You see, happiness means not over-thinking. You just do what you wanted to do and have no worries about those things we cannot control. As long as we have the right people, the right special someone to do it, everything will be okay and you're sure to be happy. 

Go on and just do anything that can make you happy. Life is simple like that :)

P/S : Don't forget to tell someone that you love them. 

P/S/S : I love you :)