Tuesday, December 31, 2013


It's 12.48 a.m and it's the last day of 2013.
Few days ago, I've seen somewhere this one question ; "What did you remember about 2013?"
and the question makes me wonder. What exactly did I remembered about this year? Is it a year to remember or it's just another year for us and for some, it's another surviving years after the Mayans predicted that the world has come to its end.

As for myself, 2013 is the year where I have learnt so much. Yup, to be honest, it feels like I've been punched a few times in the face sometimes or most of the times I'd say during this year but I've decided to look at it as something that keeps me moving on and trying to make every second counts. Well, to end this bittersweet year, I would like to share what my thoughts about 2013.

What I have learnt in 2013.
1. Whenever you think you're alone, you were never alone. God is always there to embrace you, driving you away from sorrow and sadness.
2. Always keep your faith.
3. Pray.
4. When everyone or everything seems to turn you down, don't forget you always have your family. Go home.
5. Home is where the heart is. You can always find peace there.
6. Do not depend on others to make you happy.
7. Do whatever that makes you happy. Don't hesitate.
8. Don't ever think that this life is unfair whenever you're facing problems. There will always be silver lightning in every cloud.
9. Don't ask for the year to be awesome for you. Make it awesome by yourself.
10. It's okay to cry but not too much.
11. Make peace with your past so it won't screw your future.
12. Forget/Leave things that burdens you. Extra weight slows you down in moving on and certain people and things were meant to last a while in our life.
13. Seriously, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
14. Forgive. Others and yourself.
15. Time can almost heals everything. Just give it some times and effort. Yes, memories can hit us once in a while but always remember to get back up again.
16. Always love yourself. By that way, you won't let yourself getting hurt that easily.
17. Have some self respect.
18. If you don't want to be treated that way, don't treat others that way.
19. Make good deeds, no matter when or who. It feels good.
20. Just when you think love wasn't in the corner, think again.
21. Life wasn't that bad just because you're not in a relationship.
22. Be patient.
23. Let your loved ones that you loves them as often as you can.
24. There's nothing wrong in rewarding ourselves for things that we did right.

What I wanted to do in 2014.
1. Lose some weight. (Haha~)
2. Exercise regularly.
3. Eat more healthy food.
4. Be a better God's servant, daughter, student, niece, friend, aunt, friend and girlfriend.
5. Improve study.
6. Read more books.
7. Reduce procrastination.
8. Do other useful activities during free times other that sleeping. :P
9. Make more friends.
10. Start saving.
11. Travel maybe once a year (fingers crossed!)
12. Be more creative.
13. Think more positively.
14. Makes every second counts.
15. Be happy :)

Let's make 2014 awesome for us shall we? :)

p/s : Don't lose hope :)

Saturday, December 28, 2013


All of us make mistakes sometimes. Whether it taught us to be for our future next time or it’s just a lesson that we need to learn. In time, we will meet someone that makes us wanted to hate that person for the rest of our life or we can’t afford to talk to that person. Why? It’s because something that they have done. They may hurt our families, friends or us.
Forgiving is a big word. It’s not just saying sorry and walk off just like that. It doesn’t matter if we are the one who’s forgiving or the one that ask for it, both of it needs a big sacrifice and pride. Sorry isn’t sorry when we only utter it and never meant it and so does forgiving. We can accept someone’s apology and often, we will think again of the situation and we’ll hate that person till their last guts.
As for myself, I can name a few that a few years ago, I’ve said that I won’t, I will never forgive him or her. But as years gone by and now, I reflected back to those times, I’ve realized that forgiving is one way to live happily. Some would say they can forgive but they can’t forget. It cannot be denied, even for me. Sometimes, when I’ve said I have forgiven that person, one night, all of a sudden, I’d remember it all back. How I got hurt, how many tears I’ve shed, how many words I have to swallow and all of it enough to give me a sleepless night. Have I not forgotten enough? Have I not move on enough? Then I realized, I have not forgiven enough.
Then, I decided to forgive. And to be honest, it is one of the wisest decisions I have ever made. I can talk to people again, I can smile again and most of all, I can sleep at night again. Well, maybe sometimes I can’t but eventually, I would let it go and go on.
We can choose to be mad and throwing rages at people when our heart broken or we can swallow everything in and never tell a single soul about it. My advice? Let it go. Start forgiving and you will let things go slowly without any forcing. Trust me, you will lead a better life when you start forgiving. Less hatred in life, less problems.

What I did learn after J left me is that when we do anything that makes us happy, we’ll good to go. Maybe it’s not entirely because of him since when we got older, we think differently. As the world getting more cruel each day, the only remedy that we wanted is happiness and comfort and we will try to pursue it in any way that we can. Read a book, listen to your favorite playlist, hang out with friends and family (although sometimes your ex is among your friends), go travel to somewhere else or get to know new people, anything that you think can make you happy. And DON’T hesitate to do so. By that way, we can forgive easily since the problems are not kept within ourselves for certain period of time until it becomes grudges.
If we forgive enough, would it be enough for us to forget?