Friday, March 28, 2014


When people asked me why I always posts something related to love or feelings on Twitter or Facebook, the answer is very easy. Because I love Love. It is not like I always get hurt or jealous or something like that. I do, got hurt and hurting and that does not stop me to love again. I didn't blame Love as it was one of the most beautiful things that God gave us. Love to Him, family, friends, strangers love, and of course, boy-girl love. 

I posts things related to love not because I wanted to blame the other party aka the Boys or I want people to see that girls are hurted the most by boys. Girls can hurt too, we have to admit it. It's the feelings that I want to express. Maybe on that day I was feeling blue so all those memories will come back to me and I started to type it down or if I got some paper and pen around me, I'll jot it down. Or maybe I was happy and wanted to appreciate something so I posted happy things regarding relationship. It doesn't mean that I always have problems or too much of wanting to be love. It's just something that I love, to talk about Love, to experience Love, to give Love and to share Love. Thus, I'm writing about it. 

Sometimes, it's not a walk in the park when it comes to Love. Occasionally, we went to our seperate ways and just walk there all by ourselves. We can do that, you know, so that we have all the times for ourselves to think. And when we are not willing to give up on Love, just get our way back together. 

Love sometimes can make people give up. That feeling of not wanting to get hurt again, don't want to cry over a guy anymore or etc etc.. For me, just don't blame Love. In fact, there's no one or nothing should be blamed. All of us, including me, can go bananas when we're in love. We can do stupid things, the things that we once swore we won't do. But we can do it. Because of love. If there is anyone who still holds grudges towards their exes, my advise, is to forgive. People will come and go from our live and it is either they are lessons to us or a blessing. Either way, it brings good thing to us. 

So exes, thank you. :) 
For showing me the way to my future ;)